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Custom tuning


Custom tuning

One of the major benefits of the HSF™ technology is its ability to be optimized for specific applications.

Sirigen can produce polymers with bespoke properties tailored perfectly for a particular application or instrumentation platform. This maximizes performance by creating the ideal interplay between reagents, hardware and application.

HSF™ polymers are synthetically produced chemical entities. Sirigen’s grasp of the structure – property relationship of conjugated polymers coupled with the ability to design and produce custom building blocks makes rational design of new polymer variants with specific properties a reality.

Sirigen is able to produce materials with specific optical properties (please refer to the linked video clip for further information) tailoring excitation, brightness and emission to specific application needs.

Additionally, it is possible to introduce specific conjugation chemistry into HSF™ polymers to optimize linkage to antibodies and other proteins, nucleic acid probes and small molecule fluors (to produce enhanced tandem reporters). If required, multiple conjugation chemistries can be adopted.

Further, Sirigen can fine tune the properties of its materials to optimize interaction with particular surfaces or assay components to deliver the best possible results.

Custom tuning