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Lateral flow & critical point-of-care

Lateral Flow

Colloidal preparations of gold and other precious metals have been the mainstay detection method for lateral flow assays for many years. Whilst offering familiarity and ease of use these methods can offer limited sensitivity and suitability for truly quantitative assays.

Fluorescent assays are increasingly gaining acceptance in the point-of-care market as greater sensitivity is demanded in new applications. Simple reader devices make the move from colorimetry practical and cost effective.

  • HSF™ polymers are compatible with standard nitrocellulose lateral flow strips and buffers and can deliver comparable sensitivity to gold based assays
  • HSF™ is compatible with multiplexed assays and controls
  • Sirigen polymers are available for use with low cost light sources and detectors and have proven utility with hand held, battery powered reader devices
  • Sirigen’s materials have unique properties commending them for near patient and point of care molecular testing in a variety of assay formats

  • A variety of probe formats can incorporate HSF™ polymers along with conventional FRET acceptors and quenchers to offer increased signal and signal:noise ratios (see also Molecular Diagnostics)