The brilliance of discovery

Sirigen Inc.



January 2000

Nobel Prize awarded for the discovery of conducting polymers

June 2002

Initial patents filed on Sirigen technology (conducting polymer biosensors)

February 2003

Sirigen founded by Professor Guillermo C. Bazan, Dr. Brent S. Gaylord, and Mr. Patrick J. Dietzen

May 2003

Awarded First place in the business plan competition at the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)

February 2004

Mr. James B. McCarthy becomes first investor in Sirigen and joins the company's board of directors

January 2005

Completion of friends initial financing (convertible notes)

January 2005

Corporate office and laboratory facility established in Santa Barbara, CA

February 2005

Secured exclusive worldwide licenses on seven patents from UCSB

April 2005

Awarded $2,100,000 three year grant from the U.S. Army and the ICB

June 2005

CRADA agreement signed with the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

December 2005

Dr. N A Kerton joins the Board

March 2006

Closing of Series A funding completed

September 2006

Sirigen files patent “Fluorescent Methods and Materials for Directed Biomarker Signal Amplification”

November 2007

Closed first Commercial deal

24 April 2008

Closed Series B funding from Seraphim Capital and Oxford Capital Partners

May 2008

Sirigen Group Ltd became the new legal identity

June 2008

Headquarters established in Dorset, UK

August 2008

Move from Santa Barbara to San Diego

Oct 2008

Sirigen opens new Headquarters in Ringwood, Hampshire, UK

May 2009

Sirigen inks commercial deals for Project Green

June 2009

Seraphim Capital Fund and Oxford Capital Partners invest further £1.2 million in Sirigen

December 2009

Major development deal signed in flow cytometry

April 2010

Second flow cytometry partner signed up for reagent development

November 2010

IQ Capital, the National Endowment for Science, Technology, and the Arts (NESTA), and YFM Private Equity complete two financing rounds along with existing investors Seraphim Capital and Oxford Capital Partners.

November 2010

David Evans (former CFO of Shield Diagnostics and chairman and non-executive director at a number of diagnostic and life science companies) was appointed chairman of the board and Arthur Cole (former executive vice president of Visible Genetics and vice president of new business development at Pharmacia Biotech) was appointed as a non-executive director.

April 2011

First BV421™-conjugated (antibody) products launched commercially by BioLegend Inc.

May 2011

Two flow cytometry abstracts and a poster (#287) presented at Cyto2011 (XXVI Congress of the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry) in Baltimore.

September 2011

First BV570™-conjugated (antibody) products launched commercially by BioLegend Inc.

October 2011

Further funding round completed successfully.

January 2012

First BV421™-conjugated (antibody) products launched commercially by BD.

February 2012

First BV605™- and BV650™-conjugated (antibody) products launched commercially by BioLegend Inc.

February 2012

Article ‘Brilliant Violet Fluorophores: A New Class of Ultrabright Fluorescent Compounds for Immunofluorescence Experiments’, Chattopadhyay et al accepted for publication in Cytometry A (accompanied by Editorial Comment).

June 2012

First BV711™- and BV785™- conjugated (antibody) products launched commercially by BioLegend Inc..

July 2012

First BV605™- conjugated (antibody) products launched commercially by BD Bioscience.

August 2012

BD Bioscience buys Sirigen Group Limited
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